In the United States we are well into Corona cancellations. This is a great opportunity to Less is More your lifestyle…I’m a silver lining person.

One of my good friends posted the following on Facebook.

“For months I’ve been cleaning up little rubber pellets that make their way into my house from soccer practice on artificial turf. I hope I remember to be grateful the next time I have that “problem”.” Thanks LH!

There is so much truth in this post regardless of whether your kids play soccer.

What are your rubber pellets? What is your version of kid’s soccer practice? What do you miss? For what are you now more grateful? What do you value?

Here is a quick and easy activity to help you learn more about yourself through reflection.

Pull out your calendar.

Grab your journal or a notepad.

Write down all of the activities you miss and the ones that have you are thinking “Thank God it’s gone”… at least for now.

Write down why the activities you miss are valuable to you. Why do you miss them? What do they provide you? 

Write down why the activities you don’t miss are not valuable to you. What don’t they provide you? How do they hinder you?

Spend some time reviewing what you wrote. Reflect on what this tells you about yourself. For what are you grateful? What do you value? What do you desire for yourself and those you love?

Please reply with one activity, team, project, or committee/group that you now know is really valuable to you…for which you are grateful.

One big caveat! You might feel thankful everything was cancelled because you just needed a major break. If so, Less Is More Life Solutions was especially built for you! If this is the case, come back next week or the week after and do this activity.

Please like our Less Is More Life Solutions Facebook Page and please share this if you find it thought provoking or helpful. We want to grow the Less is More community and we need all the help we can get!

God bless!

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