I think Ink Joy* pens are one the quintessential Less Is More products. Nearly everyone I know both in my workplace and at home who has tried an Ink Joy* has loved them and switched. Basically every other inexpensive pen pales in comparison…in my opinion of course.

I have written with expensive pens before and they are great, but they are not worth the price difference unless you are just in it for prestige…not my thing.

It is hard for me to slow down to journal so I need tools that make the process more enjoyable and let me get into a flow more easily.

Ink Joy pens do that for several reasons.

  1. The ink!!! It flows wonderfully and adheres quickly. No smearing if you are writing on decent paper. It will smear some if you are writing on very glossy paper and don’t give it time to dry.
  2. It is very sturdy. Although it is plastic it is not going to flex as you write.
  3. It is thicker than most inexpensive pens. It feels more robust in your hand.
  4. It has a subtle texture that provides nice grip.
  5. The plastic is soft which makes writing very comfortable.
  6. It has very satisfying mechanism. I prefer retractable/clicking pens and most inexpensive pens have a very feeble mechanism that breaks easily. The Ink Joy’s* mechanism is solid and durable.

I hope you find this helpful! Please Like and Share if you do.

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God bless!

*Links will take you to Ink Joy products on Amazon.com and we receive a commission if you buy. 3% of our revenue will go to Special Olympics.


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