This is a tough stretch for most of us.

Our routines have been decimated. The cues that tell us we are having an impact are not easily accessible…our friends, coworkers, clients, church members. Most of the people we care about have been cut off from us in the traditional sense. We grow weary of talking into a screen. I could go on and on about the potentially soul crushing attributes of our current circumstance…

Even the relationships between ourselves and those we love most have been drastically altered.

For most of us we are quarantined for the first time in our lives. We are isolated!

While this is true in the physical sense, it is totally wrong in a spiritual sense.

For Christ followers (like me), Love has been present since the beginning of time.

In the creation story God hovered over the waters before God even created humans.

The act of God creating something demonstrates God’s deep mysterious love for that creation. God has no need for anything. Yet, out of all God created the most loving act God performed was creating humanity in God’s own image.

And as has become cliche to many, God is Love. So God has been there since the beginning and God is there today.

Love can’t be quarantined!

So how can we experience this love in this difficult time?

Of the many ways, the one I would like to point everyone toward is God’s creation. I of course would love to say the Bible and prayer…which are important to me…but I would like to start with something more basic. I believe God created everything…how is debatable (sorry fundamentalist brothers and sisters, I love you too)…and because God created everything we can find some Love in everything.

So where do we find Love in creation?

First, the people God loves…which is everyone.

Where do you see acts of kindness?

Who is Love to you?

Second, one of the best ways to feel love, in my experience, is to love.

How can God use you today?

What acts of kindness can you provide?

For example, who can you reach out to over the phone, email, facebook, etc, etc. One thing we have at our disposal is ample communication technology. There is no excuse for lack of communication!

Who needs to hear that they are cared about?

Who needs to hear that they are doing a great job?

Who needs to hear they are supported?

Who needs to hear they are loved?

Next is the environment God gave us!

What beauty?!?!

Go out and be still!

Breath and notice!

Point out to your loved ones the amazing things you see!

Truly be in community with God’s creation!

This is an extraordinary time! We are all in the wilderness. These are the times we need to find the love that is present for each of us. God loves you! Please reach out to us if you are having trouble knowing this Love and we will gladly help, or connect you to someone who can.

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